FPI Targets 7-Eleven, Nightclub in South Jakarta

By webadmin on 04:09 pm Sep 23, 2012
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Bayu Marhaenjati

Police in South Jakarta
broke up a hard-line Islamic mob on Saturday night after they forcibly
closed a 7-Eleven outlet on Jalan Pejaten Raya in Pasar Minggu. 

Comr. Adri Desas Furianto, the Pasar Minggu Police chief, said on Sunday
that the mob of around 20 men from the Jati Padang chapter of the
Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) stormed the minimart at 10:15 p.m. and
demanded that the staff shut it down. 

He added that the mob, led by a cleric identified only
as H., stuck up a poster that read “This building has been sealed off by
the people of Pejaten Barat, Jati Padang, because it doesn’t have a
building permit, business permit or approval from the community.” 

Police then sent in a squad to break up the mob.

“We also warned them not to break the law,” Adri said.
“If they do, we’ll take action. They immediately dispersed in an orderly fashion.”

The FPI members then marched onto a nightclub on Jalan
Raya Tanjung Barat. The establishment was closed, but the mob still
attempted to get inside. They were prevented from doing so by the police. 

“We were able to stop them before they got in. They
protested fiercely, but in the end ustad [cleric] H. and his members
promised they wouldn’t do anything else,” Adri said.

FPI members then went to a prayer recital at the home of another
cleric, where they remained until 1 a.m.

Adri said police continued
their patrols in the area until all the members had left and gone home.
 He said the FPI and representatives from the targeted
businesses would meet on Monday at the Pasar Minggu subdistrict office
to discuss their grievances.