FPI Shut Down South Kalimantan Nightclub

By webadmin on 02:35 pm Oct 01, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Banjarmasin. The Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) raided a South Kalimantan nightclub early Sunday morning, shouting “get out of this immoral place” as police officers watched from outside.

Dozens of members of the Banjarmasin chapter of the FPI stormed through the front door of the Banjarmasin Onestop Entertainment Club at 2 a.m. on Sunday. The action forced hundreds of clubgoers to flee the premises as the hard-line Islamists forced the nightclub to close.
Local FPI head Abdurrahman al Bahasyim said the organization raided the nightclub because many of the patrons were Muslim and should not have been drinking at the club.

“We will not only do this one time,” he said. “We will keep on asking nightclubs to abide with Banjarmasin’s bylaw by shutting the club down [at 2 a.m.] according to operational hours stipulated by the bylaw.”

Abdurrahman then threatened to return to the nightclub with more FPI members.

Local police responded to the scene but remained outside, explaining that they were only there to prevent a possible outbreak of violence.

The FPI left the area at 3 a.m.

The nightclub remained closed.