FPI Member Attacked and Killed by Mob

By webadmin on 10:27 am May 07, 2012
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Vento Saudale

Bogor. A member of the Islamic Defenders Force (LPI), a unit of the FPI, was attacked and killed by a group of youths in South Bogor on Sunday.

Mustofa, 36, was on his way home with an entourage of 30 people on 10 motorbikes and two cars after attending a Koran reading when his group encountered an ongoing brawl between two groups.

“When passing Tajur street, there were two groups of youths involved in a brawl,” South Bogor police chief, Comr. Euis Kartini, said on Sunday. “The victim and his friends tried to mediate the conflict, but it turned out the victim became the target.”

According to Euis, the groups did not want FPI members, who were wearing white uniforms, to intervene in the conflict, so they attacked them.

“The victim (Mustofa) was wounded and taken to the hospital, but he died,” Euis said.

Mustofa, a member of the FPI, was buried in a village near his home in Megamendung, Bogor.

Bogor Police Crime Division chief, Adj. Comr. Iman Imanuddin said police were still investigating the case.

“We established a team to investigate the case,” Iman said. “Four members of LPI have requested to testify as witnesses, while we’re investigating which groups were involved in the brawl.”

LPI members claim that they were only trying to make peace between the fighting groups. Iman said police need to get information from the other groups.

Chairman of the FPI Bogor chapter Muhammad Zaini was upset to hear that a member of the LPI had died.

“We have never been violent in Bogor, but we always become the target of violence,” Zaini said. “But we’ll let the police find the murderer. If not, don’t blame us if we search [for the murderer] ourselves.”

Last month, the FPI office in Sukaraja, a subdistrict of Bogor, was attacked by an unidentified group. Three FPI members were injured and three motorcycles were destroyed.