Founding a new legacy

By webadmin on 03:13 pm Sep 14, 2011
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After a long career of success, in which he made his family’s company into one of the most successful in the country, Putera Sampoerna says his business days are totally behind him.

Putera, who now lives in Singapore with his wife Kathleen, says that, since the day he was born, he has been surrounded by people who believe in the virtues of hard work and dedication. It’s a value he has passed on to his children, and one he wants to pass on to the rest of Indonesia.

Despite having been born and educated abroad, Putera says he is dedicated to Indonesia and is proud to be a citizen of the country. “Indonesia has shaped who my family is today,” he said. “And it’s time to give back.”

The fact that the Sampoerna family made it big by selling “kretek” clove cigarettes didn’t stop Putera from breaking ties with the tobacco business that was founded by his grandfather, Liem Seng Tee, back in 1913.