Former Indonesian VP Kalla Admits ‘Moral Responsibility’ for Kerosene-to-Gas Conversion Program

By webadmin on 04:40 pm Jul 30, 2010
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Jakarta.  Former Vice President Jusuf Kalla has said that he bears a “moral responsibility” for the government’s program to replace kerosene with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in households.

Kalla said on Friday that he felt morally responsible for the efforts to provide low-income people with LPG in three-kilogram cylinders because it was him who recommended the program to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono when he was still in office.

“I met with President Yudhoyono on Thursday, and one of the topics we discussed was the gas issue because it was my moral responsibility,”  Kalla said.

Kalla met with the President at the State Palace to report on the progress of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) which he now heads.

He also gave Yudhoyono input on how to overcome the present problems related to the kerosene-to-gas conversion program

“We talked about the gas issue which used to be our shared responsibility but now he shares the responsibility with Boediono,” Kalla said.

He maintained the recent gas related accidents had nothing to do with the kerosene-to-gas conversion program but with criminal acts and lack of quality control.

Kalla said that gas-related accidents did not only happen with three kilogram cylinders but also with twelve kilogram cylinders, and this proved the accidents had nothing to do with the gas conversion policy.

“The important thing is that state oil company PT Pertamina should apply tighter controls in the field because the gas cylinders belong to them. Therefore, if there is a damaged cylinder, it is the responsibility of Pertamina to fix it,” Kalla said.

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