Footballer Diego Michiels Named Suspect in Jakarta Nightclub Assault

By webadmin on 02:55 pm Nov 10, 2012
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Naturalized Indonesian national footballer Diego Michiels, 22, along with five of his friends, has been named a suspect for the alleged assault of a man in a Jakarta nightclub.

Michiels and his five friends allegedly attacked Meff Paripurna, 21, a Bogor resident, during a brawl at the Domain Club in the Senayan City mall in South Jakarta early on Thursday morning.

Meff reported them to Central Jakarta’s Tanah Abang Police later the same day.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said the six men allegedly violated two Criminal Code articles on assault and are facing at least two years and eight months in jail.

“The six suspects will undergo a urine test at Thamrin Hospital [in Central Jakarta],” Rikwanto on Saturday.

Tanah Abang Police chief Comr. Widarto said on Friday that Michiels and his friends were named suspects based on results of medical examinations on Meff, along with evidence gathered from hidden camera records and witness testimonies.

Meff arrived at the Tanah Abang police office on Thursday sporting bruises all over his face.

Rikwanto explained that the incident supposedly started when a friend of Michiels bumped into one of Meff’s friends and accidentally spilled a drink on the latter, after which the two groups were involved in a heated quarrel. Meff stepped in to stop the fight.

However, Meff was punched and beaten. After the confrontation, he was admitted to Medika Permata Hijau Hospital in South Jakarta.

The manager of the Garuda national team, Habil Marathi, said his office has been appealing to police to allow Michiels to play in the upcoming 2012 AFF Cup in Malaysia, despite his status as a suspect.

“[Police] will make their decision today. We’re working so that Diego can strengthen the national team,” Habil said on Saturday.

He added that Michiels was still needed, despite the fact that the Dutch-born player committed two acts of indiscipline.

“The limit is three times. We won’t hesitate to sack him from the national team if he engages in another [disciplinary infraction],” Habil said.