Foke: Don’t Forget ‘Mr. Mustache’

By webadmin on 01:09 pm Sep 26, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo bid an early goodbye to civil servants in the East Jakarta mayor’s office on Tuesday.

“Today I bid farewell to the civil servants of East Jakarta’s government,” Fauzi told the crowd, according to “If we meet again, don’t forget Mr. Mustache.”

Fauzi lost the Jakarta governor’s runoff to Solo Mayor Joko Widodo after a heated race between the two candidates, according to exit polls and quick count results.

The incumbent governor was well-known for his iconic mustache, even making it part of his campaign, handing out slickly produced “I heart mustache” bags and buttons to supporters.

But in the end, the clean-shaven Joko won the support of the majority of Jakarta’s voters, taking every voting district in the capital but the Thousand Islands region, according to quick count results.

Fauzi apologized for any mistakes he made while leading Jakarta’s government.

“I have many weaknesses, I apologize for the weaknesses,” he said. “I was just trying to give the best I can for the progress of Jakarta.”

Fauzi recalled some of his favorite memories of running the capital, including building the TransJakarta busway system and constructing the East Flood Canal.

“Visiting flood victims and finding a solution is an unforgettable memory,” he said. “Though I’m known as ill-tempered… that [my attitude] was the best way to run the government.”

Fauzi told the crowd that he expected Joko to continue developing his programs.

“Whoever the leader is, all of us should be dedicated to the people,” he said. “Don’t let the people suffer because our wrongdoings. Continue the good things for people, and evaluate the bad things.”