Flooding, Public Transit Dominate Jakarta Draft Budget

By webadmin on 10:59 am Oct 22, 2011
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Dofa Fasila

The Jakarta administration unveiled on Friday a draft budget for 2012 that emphasizes improvements to public transportation and flood mitigation efforts.

The budget is provisionally set at Rp 36.02 trillion ($4.07 billion), up 13.4 percent from this year’s budget.

Of that, 21 percent, or Rp 7.64 trillion, would go to eight key programs: transportation development, flood mitigation, pollution control, poverty alleviation, bureaucratic reform, climate change adaptation, cultural development and disaster mitigation.

Governor Fauzi Bowo said the linchpins of development efforts next year would be preventing the floods that routinely hit Jakarta and building a more reliable public transportation system.

“We expect to allocate a lot of funding to transportation because the people are demanding a better system,” he said after presenting the budget to the City Council.

Of the eight programs, public transportation would get the most funding, at Rp 2.89 trillion. Fauzi said they wanted to develop three new TransJakarta busway corridors — one of which would go to Bekasi and another to Tangerang — buy land for a fourth corridor and adapt pillars intended for the scrapped monorail project into an elevated busway track. The city also wants to buy new buses for the TransJakarta network.

Other public transportation projects planned for next year include the appropriation of land for a mass rapid transit rail line and the construction of overpasses at Mangga Dua and Gunung Sahari, Central Jakarta, to improve road and rail traffic flow.

Also scheduled for completion next year is the Pulo Gebang terminal, which is expected to serve as the city’s main hub for municipal and intercity buses. More work is planned on elevated roads from Kampung Melayu to Tanah Abang and Antasari to Blok M, and the procurement of ferries to serve the Thousand Islands and an upgrade of Muara Angke Port are also slated.

Bureaucratic reform would receive the next biggest share, at Rp 978 billion. After that is flood mitigation, at Rp 557 billion, with money going to free up land for the East Flood Canal and for the Marunda and Surilang reservoirs. The city plans to dredge the Mookervart and Sekretaris rivers and clear illegal dwellings on the banks of the Sunter, Pesanggrahan and Angke Hulu rivers.

Disaster mitigation has been allocated Rp 2.5 billion, most of it going to awareness campaigns and search and rescue officer training. By contrast, cultural development would get Rp 220 billion to build a Betawi cultural center and an Islamic center, among other projects.

The climate change adaptation program, allocated Rp 297 billion, would mostly involve efforts to replant the Angke Kapuk mangrove forest. The pollution control program would receive Rp 6.5 billion to set up five air-quality monitoring stations across the capital.