Flight Attendant Arrested After App Finds Lost iPad

By webadmin on 01:39 pm Sep 23, 2012
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Washington. A US airline passenger who lost his
iPad on board used a special app to find it, in the home of one of the
flight attendants, police said.

The attendant, identified as
43-year-old Horizon Air employee Wendy Ronelle Dye, was arrested late
Friday, said Bill Kler, spokesman for the Oregon City Police Department
near the western state of Oregon’s most populous city Portland.

passenger was a Nevada man who used the Find My iPad app to locate his
tablet after it went missing on the plane, Kler told AFP.

Dye told
police that travelers on the aircraft said they found the tablet on a
seat and gave it to her, and she had planned to turn it over to the
airline eventually and had not used it, Kler said.

But police found personal information of hers on it, including her husband’s birthday, said the spokesman.

Agence France-Presse