Flash Floods Sweep Through 5 E. Java Subdistricts

By webadmin on 06:42 pm Jan 30, 2012
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Probolinggo, East Java. A flash flood swept through five subdistricts in Probolinggo district, East Java, on Sunday morning, destroying thousands of houses.

The flood occurred so quickly that residents had no chance to save their belongings, chief of the Probolinggo district natural disaster mitigation board (BPBD) Masyhuri Efendi said.

At least six people were reported missing.

The flood also destroyed public utilities such as school buildings, and places of worship and carried away livestock.

The five flash flood-affected subdistricts are Kraksaan, Gading, Krejengan, Pakuniran, and Pajarakan

He said the flash flood was caused by the overflowing of Pekalen river following heavy rains in the upper reach of the river at Mount Argopuro.

Hundreds of people were taking refuge at higher ground along with their livestock for fear that another flash flood would recur.

Tens of security personnel were deployed to flood-hit villages such as Patemon village.

Krejengan subdistrict head Suharto said the flood inflicted billions of rupiahs in losses at Patemon village alone.

He said the flash flood also cut off three bamboo bridges which linked the village to other villages in the subdistrict.