Flash Flood Victim’s Body Found in Sumatra

By webadmin on 09:48 pm Aug 22, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

A search and rescue team on Tuesday managed to recover the body of a man who was swept away the previous night by the flash flooding of an irrigation channel in Pasaman, West Sumatra, a report said.

“After conducting a search for about half an hour, we found the victim some five kilometers from the location where he was swept away,” Zakirman, the coordinator for the Pasaman district’s search and rescue post, was quoted by Antara news agency as saying.

Zakirman said the victim, Nofriarmi, 29, was found dead, floating face down in the water. The body was taken to Jambak General Hospital in West Pasaman for an autopsy, he added

The victim and his friend, Rahmad Wahyudi, were on a motorcycle attempting to cross the shallow irrigation channel in the Padangtujuah Nagari Aua Kuniang agricultural complex late on Monday evening when Rahmad said heavy rains caused the waters around them to suddenly surge.

Rahmad, who escaped safely, reported the incident to the police, who then alerted the search and rescue agency.

“The water rose just to waist level and despite its calm surface, had a strong current underneath. I had to swim hard to reach the bank,” Rahmad said, adding that Nofriarmi did not know how to swim.

Zakirman said it was fortunate that the team was able to quickly find the victim’s body.

“If not, we were worried that it would be carried far away by the flow of the water, especially in uncertain weather like this,” he said.

He said the search and rescue team was also assisted by members of the Pasaman Police, the local military and local residents.