Final Election Results Confirm Victory For SBY-Boediono, But Protests Linger

By webadmin on 12:54 am Jul 24, 2009
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Camelia Pasandaran

Final vote counts from the July 8 presidential election released on
Thursday showed that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono won re-election
in a landslide with nearly 61 percent of the total vote, despite
election officials rejecting demands by the campaign of third-place
finisher Jusuf Kalla to halt the count due to voters list

The campaign team of former President Megawati
Sukarnoputri, who finished a distant second in the poll, vowed to
contest the final results before the Elections Supervisory Board
(Bawaslu) and Constitutional Court. Both Megawati and Kalla, the
outgoing vice president, are refusing to sign off on the final results
in protest.

Nonetheless, the General Elections Commission (KPU) is scheduled to formally declare the results on Saturday.

chairman Abdul Hafiz Anshary said that the commission had no cause to
stop the count, which began on Wednesday, because the objection from
the Kalla camp pertained to the voters list and not the final vote

“The election results will still be legitimate, even
without the signatures of witnesses or even KPU members,” he said at
the commission’s headquarters in Central Jakarta.

The final
results, from 33 provinces and overseas polling stations, show that
Yudhoyono won 73,874,562 votes, or 60.8 percent; Megawati with
32,548,105 votes, or 26.79 percent; and Kalla with 15,081,814 votes, or
12.41 percent.

Yudhoyono won 28 provinces, Kalla four and Megawati one.

Nearly 50 million registered voters did not show up on election day, and 6.5 million ballots were declared invalid.

results confirmed that Yudhoyono met the requirements to be declared
the winner in one round. The law requires candidates to win more than
50 percent of the total vote and 20 percent of the vote in at least 17
provinces to avoid a runoff.

The final count was carried out
amid unprecedented levels of security following the terrorist attacks
in Jakarta last Friday. Visitors to the KPU headquarters were searched
three times by police and forced to pass through an X-ray machine.

Police jammed phone signals inside the building, forcing journalists to make phone calls and send text messages outside.

of Megawati’s campaign only attended the first day of counting, while
members of Kalla’s campaign walked out on Thursday.

Prior to
the election, the Megawati and Kalla camps had protested that millions
of eligible voters were left off the final voters list, and they have
continued to cry foul for the past two weeks.

Zulfikar, an
official from Kalla’s Golkar Party, on Thursday afternoon delivered a
letter to KPU officials demanding that they stop the count because of
“serious problems” with the voters list.

“We cannot agree to continue counting the election results since the voters list has been bad since the beginning,” he said.

Wibowo, a senior member of the Megawati campaign, said that his faction
had decided to join the Kalla campaign in rejecting the election
results, calling them “against the law.”

As counting began,
KPU officials caused an uproar by admitting that they secretly revised
the final voters list just two days before the election.