Father of Indonesian Comics Dies at 93

By webadmin on 05:24 pm Jul 24, 2012
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The “father of Indonesian comic books,” R. A. Kosasih, died early on Tuesday morning at his residence in Rempoa, South Tangerang. He was 93.

Kosasih wrote and drew hundreds of comic books that were often based on Hindu Sanskrit epics of ancient India, namely “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata.”

Kosasih also drew on Javanese and Sundanese literature as inspirations for his works, bringing him fame during the budding era of the comic genre in Indonesia.

“We called him the father of Indonesian comics, because he wrote a lot of comic books, and did so consistently. His stories were easy to understand,” Andy Wijaya, the founder of KomikIndonesia.com, said.

Andy said Kosasih was scheduled to be buried at Tanah Kusir cemetery in South Jakarta on Tuesday.

Andy also explained that Kosasih had been treated at Bintaro Hospital in South Tangerang for fungal lung infections for a week, but was sent home after recovering. Kosasih died of heart attack, according to reports from Kompas.com.

Kosasih had been living with his daughter, Yudowati Ambiana, her husband and their children. Kosasih’s wife and son died several years ago.

Kosasih was born in Bondongan village in Bogor, West Java, on April 4, 1919, and was the youngest of seven children.