Families of Slain Workers Demand Autopsies Amid Organ Trafficking Fears

By webadmin on 09:22 am Apr 20, 2012
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East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The families of three migrant workers killed in Malaysia are demanding autopsies be performed on their loved ones following claims they were the victims of organ trafficking.

The bodies of the trio — Abdul Kadir Jaelani, 24, Herman, 28, and Mad Noor, 33 — were this week returned to their home town of East Lombok, three weeks after they were found dead in Malaysia, each with gunshots.

Suspicions over the motives for their killing arose when two family members of victims saw the conditions of the bodies, which included stitching.

“I saw the conditions of the three bodies and I don’t have the heart to describe them,” said Firman, Herman’s brother. “It was terrible. I’m sure their eyes, hearts and kidneys were taken.”

The families demanded that autopsies be performed on the bodies to determine whether any organs had been removed.

“We are ready if an autopsy is to be done so that we can get an explanation on the causes of my son Herman’s death,” said Maksum, Herman’s father.

“For us, their death will not be in vain if the autopsy can reveal the circumstances that other migrant workers from Lombok, or maybe workers from other regions or countries, have been experiencing in Malaysia.”

The families called on the support of the national government to investigate the case to prevent others from falling victim.

Abdul’s mother, Inaq Salihi, urged the government to take immediate action.

“The government has to settle the problem. He was my favorite son. I loved him, and he loved me too. The clothes I’m wearing now were from him,” she said, sobbing.

Mad Noor’s brother said his family also wanted answers and that they would support the autopsy.

Meanwhile, Fitra Yanti Binti Ali Mali, an Indonesian migrant worker in Saudi Arabia, is returning home after murder charges against her were dropped.

Fitra was accused of killing her employer’s son and spent three months in jail. She denied killing the 4-year-old boy, claiming that he drowned in a swimming pool.

Antara reported that she was released after Indonesian diplomats convinced prosecutors that there was insufficient evidence to prove the murder charge.