Explosion at Surabaya Dump Site Kills Two

By webadmin on 06:18 pm Sep 22, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

An explosion at a dump site in Tandes, Surabaya, on Saturday afternoon killed two people and injured one.

“There was suddenly a big explosion that threw some people who were close to the location to more than three meters away,” a witness told Antara news agency.

The fatalities, Jayus, 40, and Kamri, 45, from Rembang, Central Java, were inside a hut near the explosion. The wounded victim, who was also in a hut, is 45-year-old Supandi from Gresik. Only one witness to the blast, Rasman, was not injured.

An East Java Police bomb squad arrived at the scene to assess the situation, but there has been no official explanation from authorities of the incident’s cause. People have been barred from accessing the site of the explosion.

Adj. Sr. Comr. Farman, the Surabaya Police’s chief of detectives, said police had not yet uncovered the source of the blast.

“There is nothing that could be indicated as explosive material,” Farman said. “The Forensic laboratory will investigate the location.”

Residents who live near to the location said the victims were scavengers.

Their remains have been taken to Dr. Soetomo Hospital to undergo autopsies. Supandi was taken to the same hospital for medical treatment.

Police took Rasman to their Tandes office to testify.

The explosion set off a waste fire that firefighters were later able to extinguish before it grew to potentially dangerous proportions.