Expletives Deleted, Adi Wins Praise for Being a Model Student

By webadmin on 10:36 pm Jul 12, 2010
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Amir Tejo

Remember the foul-mouthed, smoking toddler from East Java made infamous by a YouTube video? He started kindergarten on Monday and his teachers sang his praises.

Four-year-old Adi (previously known as Sandi) arrived at Pelita Hati Kindergarten in Malang, East Java, and, assisted by a teacher, began playing normally with the other children.

While his classmates tentatively took their first steps into the wide world of education, Adi looked at ease in the classroom, playing with a toy car and looking happier than his new friends.

Tyas, Adi’s teacher, said she was surprised at how well-behaved her new charge was.

“I could not believe that Adi used to be such a naughty child,” Tyas said. “Now, he looks very adorable.”

“I love the school. I have a lot of friends and a lot of toys,” Adi said in a sentence completely free of expletives.

His mother, Moedjiati, said she and her husband were very proud of Adi and how he had shed his bad habits.

“I am very happy Adi was able to go to school today,” she said.

Principal Suryadi said the boy’s parents did not have to pay school fees. “This is part of our commitment to provide a free education for Adi. Everything is free for him,” he said.

Suryadi, who is also a teacher, said he believed Adi was extremely intelligent.

“Adi is obviously a brilliant boy. We can see it from his performance on the first day of school,” he said.

In March, a video posted on YouTube showed Adi repeatedly inhaling deeply from a large clove cigarette and blowing smoke rings while answering questions posed by adults in Javanese.

In the video, which was removed by YouTube three days after it went up, Adi answered the questions in often explicit language.

The video caused a public uproar and the child and his parents were later given counseling.