Ex-Minister Reported to Police for Domestic Abuse

By webadmin on 10:19 pm May 28, 2012
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Bayu Marhaenjati

Anne A. Numberi, wife of former Transportation Minister Freddy Numberi, has reported her husband to the Jakarta Police for a domestic abuse incident in 2010. Anne said she was punched several times by her

“Freddy will be charged with Article 45 of the 2004 Law on Domestic
Violence that carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison. We reported
him for physical abuse,” Anne’s lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea, said on Monday at a Jakarta police office. 

Anne said the incident began when
Freddy accepted an invitation to join the inaugural Garuda Indonesia
Airways flight to the Netherlands in June 2010 — Anne said Freddy told
her she couldn’t go.

“[He] told me not to go because we didn’t
have the money,” Anne said. “I knew that it was an official invitation
to the minister and his family, so I would be covered. But my husband
hid my passport to prevent me from joining.”

Anne, who said she knew that her husband had a mistress, told Freddy that she would go to the airport to intercept them. 

“He smacked me three times and
punched me,” Anne said. “I did not report directly to the police because
I intended to go to Netherlands as his official wife. I went with him
and apologized. Imagine, I was the one who was hit, and I was the one who

Anne also said that she asked her husband’s girlfriend not to disturb her family.

advised her to find someone younger, and she promised she would not
disturb [my husband] again,” Anne said. “But the relationship

In December 2011, Anne said she found a phone bill payment receipt for a house in Tebet with the mistress’s name on it.

[Freddy] provided her with a house in Tebet with all the facilities,” Anne
said. “I remained silent because it was near Christmas and New Year.
In January, I asked him about the phone bill. He
was upset and threatened to divorce me. Since 2007, every time we have
problem, he would always threatened to divorce me.”

Freddy, who is Catholic, did eventually file for divorce in a North Jakarta court.
advised him to think again as we have been married for 38 years,” Anne said.

was the one who had an affair and he wants to divorce me. Many people
think I was the one who wanted to divorce him, but this is not true. My
religion forbids me from getting a divorce.”