Electric Rail Therapy Dangerously Relaxing: Official

By webadmin on 12:13 pm Jul 21, 2011
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Railway official have promised to prevent locals from engaging in so-called “electric current therapy” during which participants lie across the train rails at Rawa Buaya station in Cengkareng.

The station’s head, Suardi, told news portal Detik.com that he and his staff were tirelessly explaining to the therapy’s adherents that lying across electrified rails in an area heavily trafficked by locomotives and their cars was dangerous.

“Every day we have two to three officers on standby near the railways and explain the risks the locals face,” Suardi said. “We have also told them repeatedly that what they do is against the law.”

According to the 2007 Railway Regulation, no one can use the railway for any reason other than for transportation.

For nearly a year, people have been coming to the railyard to lie across the tracks, believing that the mild electrical current that runs through the metal has powerful anti-illness properties.

The Rawa Buaya station seems to have been chosen not for any unique properties in the tracks there but merely for the fact that trains pass by relatively infrequently.

Suardi said the railway officials had been concerned with the locals’ safety because they tended to “get too relaxed” while lying on the rails.

“We keep doing persuasive efforts to make the people understand. We are very concerned that they may not see or hear a train coming because they are relaxed and chatting away on the railways,” he said.