Editorial: Education Must Build Tomorrow’s Workers

By webadmin on 09:02 pm Sep 13, 2012
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If Indonesia is to achieve its stated goal of being a top 10 global economy over the next three decades, it will need to have a skilled labor force and a pool of highly-educated people.

Quality education will be the key to producing these individuals and the sooner we upgrade our education system, the better. Its not just a matter of producing Ph.D.s and university-educated individuals but also a technically-skilled labor force.

In this regard, the government’s idea to establish a master plan to boost the quality and quantity of students is on the mark. The plan aims to slash the dropout rate at the secondary school level while producing more Ph.D. graduates each year.

The plan, unveiled by Deputy Education Minister Musliar Kasim, will hopefully enhance Indonesia’s human resources to fill the demand for highly-skilled jobs going forward. Only by upgrading our industrial base with high-tech industries will Indonesia be able to compete with other countries.

Over the past decade or so, private international schools helped to provide the quality education needed in this country. These schools have complimented the state schools and have offered greater options for a fast growing middle class.

These schools often provide facilities and infrastructure needed to enhance our resources for the 21st century. The government should support them because these schools help keep promising students in the country. By doing that, they ensure that Indonesian students maintain a national identity.

Musliar noted that by 2025, the country hopes to have 52,000 Ph.D. graduates.

“We can learn from China, which has produced 500,000 Ph.D. graduates. We hope we can raise our target to 100,000 annually through our scholarship programs,” he added.

Private international schools will play an important role in achieving this objective.