E-KTP Will Be Valid for Lifetime: Minister

By webadmin on 04:31 pm Jul 02, 2012
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Made Arya Kencana

Denpasar. Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi said on Monday that the government would revise its policy on renewal of the new electronic identity card (e-KTP), extending the cards’ validity from five years to lifetime.

He said the current policy, obliging people to revalidate their e-KTPs every five years, was not beneficial and was a waste of state funds.

“Issuing one e-KTP costs Rp 16,000 [$1.70],” Gamawan said. “If [we] times that number by the existing population, it requires Rp 3.2 trillion.”

The figure excludes personnel and operations costs, meaning the figure could reach Rp 4 trillion over five years for the cards’ extension.

“If we abolish [the limited validity], we could save Rp 1 trillion a year,” he said.

Gamawan said updates to citizens’ e-KTPs would only be required if an individual’s personal data changes.

In line with the plan, the government will propose striking Article 64 of the 2006 Law on Population Administration.

“This month, we will propose it to the House [of Representatives], to write off the article,” he said.

Gamawan said that since the beginning of the program in 2010, there have been 102 million citizens whose data have been recorded, out of 172 million planned by the end of this year.

“This figure is very good, as Germany needs six years to issue 70 million electronic identity cards,” Gamawan said. “I have asked all regions to finish them by this coming October.”