Drug Smugglers Increasingly Targeting Indonesia: Police

By webadmin on 01:08 pm Jun 06, 2012
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Ezra Sihite

All signs point to an “extraordinary” increase in drug smuggling activities into Indonesia, the National Police’s chief detective, Comr. Gen. Sutarman, said after a major drug bust in the capital.

Sutarman said that on Tuesday evening, police confiscated 150 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine at a warehouse in Cengkareng, West Jakarta. The bust comes in the wake of a drug raid on the nearby City Park apartments last month.

“Last night, we found at the warehouse some 150 kilograms,” Sutarman said. “It is extraordinary the level of drugs entering Indonesia and therefore we need to partner with all, including the customs and excise agency so that all goods come through official channels; through ports or airports.”

Police found 23 kilograms of the same drug in the City Park apartment raid.

In the latest bust, police have identified two suspects, one an Indian national and another a Malaysian. As an archipelagic nation, Indonesia’s porous borders feature many small docking facilities, known as “rat harbors.”

“These unofficial ports will continue to come to our attention, as they should not provide the entrance door for drugs from various countries,” Sutarman said. “In the Riau Islands province alone, there are hundreds of such rat harbors and all need to be supervised.”

He said the latest catch in Cengkareng followed questioning of the suspects arrested in the City Park apartment raid.