Dozens Netted in Jakarta Anti-Smoking Raid

By webadmin on 02:51 pm May 30, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Dozens of cigarette puffing passengers and bus drivers were caught in a raid at Blok M terminal on Tuesday as city agencies cracked down on smoking on public transportation — banned in 2010 — ahead of Thursday’s “World Without Tobacco Day.”

Thirty officers from the Jakarta Transportation Agency, Jakarta Public Order Agency and the Jakarta Environmental Agency stopped buses outside Blok M terminal, warning passengers caught smoking. Bus drivers were issued a ticket that costs up to Rp 750,000. Some passengers reportedly tried to jump out of the bus and run from officers during the raids.

“We put no smoking stickers on the bus as a warning to smokers,” Ridwan Panjaitan, head of compliance at the Jakarta
Environmental Management Agency (BPLHD) told on Tuesday. “We will only warn them three times. If they continue to ignore the law, we will suspend the bus service and revoke their permit.”

Jakarta banned smoking on public transportation and inside buildings in 2010, but the regulations are seemingly rarely enforced as passengers and bus drivers often light up on the city’s kopaja minibuses.