Doctors to Test Indonesian Child Who Consumes Mosquito Repellant, Kerosene

By webadmin on 03:04 pm Jul 05, 2012
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A four-year-old child with an odd appetite for mosquito repellent and kerosene has doctors in the Garut, West Java stumped.

Nurul Huda developed a taste for harsh chemicals two years ago, the child’s mother explained.

“Since two years old she has been eating strange things, but she is always fine after eating them,” Empol said about her child.

The four year old now regularly eats soap, distilled water, kerosene and mosquito repellent.

The family lives in the village of Dangdeur, in Garut, West Java. Nurul’s mother took the child to the nearest Public Health Center (Puskesmas), but the bizarre case left doctors there scratching their heads.

“We will send Nurul to the hospital to figure out the impact of this extraordinary habit,” said Deden Kadarusman, head of the Banyuresmi health center.

Medical oddities are common news in Indonesia. Last year a father in Tasikmalaya, West Java, said that he was powerless to stop his children from eating their favorite foods: cigarette ashes, match heads and pieces of roof tile.