District Head Crashes Motorcycle Into Civil Servant’s Car

By webadmin on 11:35 am Jun 16, 2012
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Gresik, East Java. The district head of Gresik, Sambari Halim Radianto, reportedly rammed his motorcycle into a civil servant who was using a car with red number plates on Friday, in violation of a local fuel conservation policy.

According to Sambari, the civil servant’s use of the vehicle was in direct violation of a local law, issued on June 12, which aims to reduce fuel consumption.

“I am very angry about this situation, because Friday is used as a day for energy saving and has become a collective agreement between official cars, but why is this being violated?” he said.

Sambari’s actions led to damage to the front of his motorcycle. Perhaps providing a measure of vindication for the district head, the targeted Toyota Kijang car owned by the civil servant was taken home.

Sambari said the policy had been agreed to by all members of a Gresik task force, and vowed to take action against violators.

Gresik’s deputy district head, Mohammad Qosim, gave his support, and said he was ready to take decisive action if civil servants deliberately drove cars with red number plates in the performance of their duties on Fridays.

“If anyone is caught using a car with red number plates on Friday, I will take action and initiate removal from the Gresik office,” he said.

Qosim added that the launch of a “National Movement for Energy Savings,” which was announced by the central government on May 29, required the support of all, including local governments.

“This is also a follow-up to the launching of the movement of energy efficiency by the central government, [and we could help by] even using a bicycle when leaving for work,” he said.