Dhani Rages Against Ministry

By webadmin on 05:08 pm Dec 01, 2010
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Dhani rages against ministry. Rocker Ahmad Dhani said he planned to sue the State Ministry for Women’s Empowerment over its appointment of his ex-wife, Maia Estianty, as its ambassador on domestic violence.

Dhani, one of the founders of the highly successful band Dewa, said he was offended by the appointment, claiming that it suggested Maia had been the victim of domestic violence.

“I will sue them no matter what. I will sue, not only the ministry, but the minister as well. I will make sure no one ever tarnishes my name,” he said.

The ministry said on Nov. 25 that Maia would help spread awareness of domestic violence in the country. There has been no official comment on the threatened lawsuit.

Dhani and Maia divorced in 2008 following a very a public breakup that was extensively covered by the media. Maia filed a police complaint that year for alleged domestic violence.

She also went to the National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas Anak) to seek visitation rights after Dhani was awarded custody of their three sons.