Dewi Persik Hopes to Find Soulmate in the Holy Land

By webadmin on 12:48 pm Apr 27, 2012
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Singer and actress Dewi Persik left on a pilgrimage to Mecca on Wednesday, hoping to strengthen her ties with God. But she had a favor to ask in return — she hoped that on the trip to the holy land, God would find her a soulmate.

“Hopefully, Allah will give me his best imam [Muslim priest],” she said.

Dewi has been in a number of relationships, and has two ex-husbands, but she has not found the right person. She would like to find a partner while making the pilgrimage, but admitted that she was not keeping her hopes up in terms of finding a holy man.

“Well, what kind of ustadz [preacher] would want to be with me? If there was one, I would certainly introduce him to the camera,” she said.