Dewa Over for Ahmad Dhani

By webadmin on 07:25 pm Oct 07, 2011
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Dewa is just a memory for Ahmad Dhani . Ahmad Dhani, co-founder of the popular rock band Dewa, announced on Thursday that the band had officially split up after lead vocalist Once left the group a few months ago.

Dhani, who is also a successful producer and promoter for other artists, said the band’s remaining members — guitarist Andra, drummer Tyo and bassist Yuke — agreed that Dewa was a thing of the past. “Call it whatever you like, splitting up, taking a break, but principally, we will not be the same again,” he said. “If we ever play together as a group again, you can consider it a reunion.”

Since Dewa’s formation in 1986 there have been several lineup changes as members have come and gone. The last of the band’s eight studio albums was “Republik Cinta,” which was released in 2006.