Deputy District Chief From South Sulawesi Arrested at Crystal Meth Party

By webadmin on 11:19 am Jun 11, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Makassar. Police on Saturday arrested the deputy district chief of Luwu, South Sulawesi, for allegedly consuming crystal methamphetamine.

“He was arrested with his six friends,” spokesman of South Sulawesi police, Sr. Comr. Chevy Ahmad Sopary said on Monday as quoted by “At the moment, they are being investigated by the drug division of the Makassar police.”

The deputy district chief Syukur Bijak and his other friends were arrested at the Villa Mutiara residence in Makassar.

Local people reported to the police that there was crystal meth party at the house. The police did not find crystal meth in the house, but found a bong (crystal meth pipe) and some empty drug sachets.

The police are still waiting for urine tests from the laboratory to prove whether or not they did consume the drugs.

Chevy said police would continue investigating the case, regardless of Syukur’s position.