Demonstrators Burn Malaysian Flag at Embassy in Jakarta

By webadmin on 06:42 pm Aug 26, 2010
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Jakarta Globe

Jakarta. Around one hundred people rallied in front of the Malaysian Embassy at Jalan Rasuna Said on Thursday.

According to news portal, the rally got heated when a group of people from Betawi Brotherhood Forum, also known as FBR — a Betawi organization renowned for its thuggish presence during mass demonstrations — tried to burn a Malaysian flag.

The police stopped them and snatched the flag away but following a scuffle the protesters managed to get the flag back and burn it.

The demonstrators also tried to enter the Malaysian Embassy compound but dozens of officers blocked them. Pushing and shoving broke out until the crowd finally withdrew and moved across the street.

The demonstration ended around 3 p.m. but it caused traffic to bottleneck on Jalan Rasuna Said toward Mampang, from Ambassador Mall to the Menteng area and from Jalan Casablanca to Tanah Abang.

The demonstrations in front of the Malaysian Embassy have caused diplomatic strain and the neighboring country’s patience is running thin, Malaysian Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman said in an interview with Star News on Wednesday.