Defiant KPU Rejects More Challenges to Vote Counts

By webadmin on 01:01 am Apr 30, 2009
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The General Elections Commission forged ahead resolutely with its vote recapitulation on Wednesday, declaring the results of four more provinces and rejecting any and all challenges from aggrieved losers, pointing them the way to the Constitutional Court.

At the center of Wednesday’s dispute was North Sulawesi Province, where the Golkar Party, despite their poor showing nationally, secured 304,098 votes to edge out the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, or PDI-P, which had 290,448 votes, and eclipse President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s Democratic Party, which attracted a comparatively meager 191,573 votes.

PDI-P member Arif Wibowo, who on Tuesday complained that the commission, or KPU, had not accounted for a discrepancy of up to 180 votes in Riau Islands Province, said the North Sulawesi results did not match with witness data there either.

Max Siso of the Democratic Reform Party, or PDP, alleged vote rigging, saying that party witnesses in North Sulawesi had complained that different results emerged between the vote recapitulation at the district and provincial levels.

The Elections Supervisory Board, or Bawaslu, also said that the number of ballot papers distributed by the KPU were insufficient in two districts, namely the provincial capital Manado and in Minahasa.

Data obtained by the Jakarta Globe showed that the number of voters registered in Manado was 315,898, but only 312,862 ballots were distributed. In Minahasa district, 247,494 potential voters were provided with just 230,525 ballots.

It is unclear whether the ballot paper discrepancies caused any problems at the polling stations though.

The North Sulawesi Elections Supervisory Committee, or Panwaslu, claimed that it had uncovered vote rigging, with different results being recorded at the district and provincial levels. They did not, however, provide the

In light of this new information, Bawaslu member Wirdyaningsih said that the KPU was obligated to conduct a fresh vote count.

KPU member Andi Nurpati, however, disagreed and said the North Sulawesi Panwaslu should provide evidence.

“If there isn’t any proof, we cannot do anything,” she said. “Take the case to the [Constitutional Court].”

I Gusti Putu Artha, another KPU member, said that the commission still had until May 9 to finalize the official national results and sort out any problems.

Other elections results announced Wednesday included Central Kalimantan, Lampung and South Sumatra provinces.

In Central Kalimantan, PDI-P topped the tally with 217,606 votes. In second and third place were Golkar (124,344) and the Democrats (113,378).

The Democratic Party won in Lampung election area I with 334,367 votes. PDI-P came second and the National Mandate Party, or PAN, came third.

In Lampung election area II, the Democratic Party topped the results again, with 379,840 votes. In second and third position were Golkar (256,831) and PDI-P (239,299).

Golkar won in South Sumatra election area I, gaining 372,826 votes. The Democrats came in second (211,217) and PDI-P third (200,893).

In South Sumatra election area II, Golkar again came out on top by securing 363,332 votes. In second position was the Democratic Party (283,625), and third was PDI-P (250,350).

The KPU is expected to announce more results after a commission meeting scheduled to be held today.