Dangdut Diva Dewi Dishes on Her Many Exes

By webadmin on 05:32 pm Mar 31, 2010
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Dangdut singer Dewi Perssik, famous for her provocative gergaji (saw) dance, says a few of her ex-husbands are itching to get back with her.

The singer, who was quoted by entertainment news portal KapanLagi.com, however, said she did not want to name any names. “It is a matter of their pride,” she said.

It’s unclear exactly how many times Perssik has been married, making her a favorite target of gossip shows. At one point, she was officially married to fellow dangdut singer Saiful Jamil. She has claimed to have had an unregistered, religious siri marriage with a German-Javanese man, Ferry Farid Yusuf Mansyur, as well as one with actor Aldi Taher.

Perssik told the news portal that she blamed her ex-husbands for leaving her. “I didn’t ask for [the divorces], so it’s their own fault.”