Culinary Bonanza: Sweet Ending to Your Crêpe-y Week

By webadmin on 10:28 pm May 04, 2012
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Ellyna Tjohnardi

The word crêpe doesn’t sound very nice to pronounce, but it certainly tastes very good to the tongue. In welcoming M&T Crêperie, Jakarta’s newest addition to the city’s crêperie selection, this week’s Culinary Bonanza will discuss the different types of crêpes and the places where you can indulge in these yummy treats. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and we always welcome your tips and feedback about your favorite crêperies!

Torokeru Crêpe: M&T Crêperie 

For those who have been to, or have spent some time living in Japan, Momi & Toys Crêperie should ring a bell. With a total of 80 outlets in Japan alone, three in Shanghai and six in Taipei, this makes the newly opened Jakarta outlet the first expansion into Southeast Asia. M&T Crêperie specializes in serving torokeru crêpes, a “species” of crêpe that tastes creamy and so soft that it seems to melt in your mouth.

Breton Galette: Kitchenette 

Galette is the name given to any large and thin savory pancake made from buckwheat flour. It is a type of crêpe widely consumed in a region of France called Brittany, hence the name Breton Galette. In Jakarta, Kitchenette serves better-than-average savory galettes as well as sweet crêpes, with delicious toppings to suit everyone’s tastebuds.

Mille Crêpe: Pancious and First Love Patisserie 

Mille crêpe literally means thousand crêpes in French. It is actually a French cake made of many layers of alternating delicate crêpes and cream or custard. Although there are also some patisseries claiming this dessert as Hokkaido Thousand Layer Cake, they are essentially the same. As far as I know, today mille crêpe can be bought at Pancious and First Love Patisserie’s recently opened independent outlet in Plaza Indonesia. Hurrah!