Culinary Bonanza: Healthy Tasty Fried Chicken

By webadmin on 09:17 am Apr 21, 2012
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Ellyna Tjohnardi

Non-flour dipped fried chicken seems to be the new trend in fried chicken in Jakarta, especially as Bon Chon Chicken, a chain from South Korea, has set foot in Jakarta. What good news for chicken lovers! At present, Bon Chon can only be found in a few other countries like the United States, Thailand and The Philippines.

To be honest, I always took the trouble to peel the greasy skin off any fried chicken I ate — but the exception applies to Bon Chon. I have a few st0rong reasons for leaving the skin in tact. Firstly, Bon Chon uses free range chicken selected by weight. So to spoil the fun (for some of us) no grease-dripping chicken will be served here. Besides that, the skin is also the best part of the Bon Chon experience. The chicken pieces are marinated in the special sweet and savory sauce, which is why the crunchy skin is the highlight of your feast.

Bon Chon recently launched its new addition to the menu, the Bon Chon Wraps. There’s the Chicken Wrap (caution, very spicy) and Bulgogi Wrap (with juicy beef slices inside). 

I have two personal favorite items here. The first one is the the Bon Chon Bites, which are bite-sized boneless chicken pieces with crispy skin that’s been marinated in the special sauce. The other champion is the ice-cream filled Mochi. It is as if the snow skin melts in your mouth as you sink your teeth in and taste the delicious ice cream.

Bon Chon Chicken Indonesia
Citywalk Sudirman, Ground Floor
Tel. 021 2555 6629

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