Culinary Bonanza: Can Your Tongue and Stomach Handle These S&M Cuisines?

By webadmin on 06:24 am Jul 07, 2012
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Ellyna Tjohnardi

I’m sorry to break the news, but I won’t talk about handcuffs, whips or suspenders here.

Why such an extreme title? I’m not referring to the negative connotations that the nouns ‘sadism’ and ‘masochism’ are normally associated with. But really, when it comes to eating tongue searing and stomach churning food, I have no other words to describe such an act. Harakiri sounds almost appropriate, but I choose to settle with S&M.

To majority of Indonesians, the pleasure of nourishment is often incomplete without the addition of a dollop of chili sauce, a dash of chili flakes or a spoonful of hand-ground sambal. I used to go giddy at the thought of chili in my food, so I had always had my food au naturel as much as I can help it. But I would brave the odds and locate these finds to challenge your endurance. The question is, can you handle these?

Warung Indomie Pedas Mampus Abang Adek

Notorious for its tongue-searing, throat-choking, sweat & tear triggering instant noodles, Indomie Abang Adek has brought this MSG-saturated comfort food to a whole new level since 1995. These days, the warung never lacks of customers.
Having braved all the odds and irony, it would not be wise, not to challenge myself to the maximum. Out of the 5 levels offered in increasing order: Sedang, Pedas, Garuk, Gila, Pedas Mampus, I recklessly ordered the hottest one (some even said this level contains 150 chillies!) with Indomie Goreng and fried egg.

About 20 minutes later, that plate of devil arrived. Holy crap, was I taken aback! I gagged at the flaming red chillies, sickeningly threatened to burn my circulatory system! After a few snapshots, the fated moment was inevitable anymore… (“Not Safe” for JG. Read the rest of the story here).

Iga Sapi Penyet Specialist: Warung Lèko

Warung Lèko is known for its Iga Sapi Penyet or squashed beef ribs. I’m not sure how or if the ribs were squashed at all, because the ribs didn’t look mangled or smashed. But, whatever. The ribs were too good. I regretted not coming here much sooner. In fact, it has always been here, just 5 minutes walk from my house and yet, it never occurred to me to ever stop by and enjoy the simplicity the dish served here.

My Super Pedas Iga Penyet (super spicy squashed beef ribs) was supposed to be super spicy, but it failed to stop me from eating (which is a bad indication about the chilli!). I remembered the very first time I came here a few years ago, when I only mustered the courage to order the mildest chili level. Boy, did it make me visit the loo repeatedly after eating. Not to mention the pain of bloated stomach from guzzling lots of iced liquid to extinguish the fiery sensation on my tongue.

If my memories do not fail me, the quantity of chili for Sedang (medium) level few years ago seemed a lot more than today’s Super Pedas level. No wonder I can survive the Super Pedas level today and cleaned the ribs without any difficulties.

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