Culinary Bonanza: 3 Most-Searched Jakarta Restaurants On the Net

By webadmin on 10:45 am Aug 25, 2012
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Ellyna Tjohnardi

kaA year has passed since Culinary Bonanza began sharing reviews about anything edibles and delicious. Watching this blog grows, it is curious how certain articles particularly attract the interests of the netizens.

Alas, here are the top 3 articles of all time that visitors have clicked on and input in search engines:

1. The Goods Diner

When I first went there, The Goods Diner had only recently opened for business, and it looked quite obvious that they are not as settled as they are today. What’s interesting, the total page views for this particular entry is unreasonably high, which is at least 3 times the 2nd highest post.

I have to admit The Goods Diner exudes an ambiance like those chic bistros overseas. The food offered is typically American style, with emphasis on burgers and sandwiches, such as the signature Coffee Rub Burger.

The Deviled Egg is also recommended for appetizer. It is a simple, healthy and high-in-protein treats of boiled eggs, but with a twist in the hard-boiled egg yolk that’s whisked with bacon and sriracha sauce.

2. Rainbow Cake and The Goods Café

This was the time when rainbow cake was still rather limited in stock, and people had to come to certain places like The Goods Café to acquire it before going out of stock. The phenomenal cake takes the entire country by storm that it even inspired so many rainbow-themed edibles like cookies, rice, mille crepe, etc.

The Goods Café itself has relocated to its new location together with The Goods Dept at Pacific Place. A matter of class upgrade? Perhaps The Goods Café is aiming to attract the upper echelon shoppers at the Pacific Place, away from the young and happening crowds who regularly patronized its old location at Plaza Indonesia. The menu is a lot simpler than The Goods Diner, and if you come here for lunch, they have quite good promotion deals.

3. Yellow Fin Sake Bar and Kitchen

Following the success of Domain and Portico Lounge in Senayan City, this new addition of OPCO Indonesia Group seems to be doing well. Yellow Fin’s strategic location in Senopati, South Jakarta which is only 5 minutes away from the CBD, makes it an ideal hotspot for Izakaya-style, after-work drinking establishment.

If you are not into drinking, you could sit at the al fresco tables and enjoy your Japanese dishes while watching the cars busily zooming past the Senopati junction. Worry not, the tables are not exactly by the street so you will enjoy your food sans the dust or pollution.

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