Court Stirs As Judge Reads Golf Caddy’s Testimony

By webadmin on 12:31 pm Feb 11, 2010
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The court room stirred when judges read a summary of golf caddy Rani Juliani’s steamy testimony about her meeting with Antasari in Room 803 Grand Mahakam Hotel.

The testimony was part of the judges’ 179 page consideration before delivering the verdict for Antasari for his alleged involvement in the murder of businessman Nasrudin Zulkarnaen.

“The defendant asked the witness (Rani) to massage him in bed but she refused and massaged him on the sofa,” the judge said. Whispers filled the court room as he continued. “The defendant kissed the lips of the witness. His hands opened two, three buttons of her shirt and slipped inside her bra.”

Antasari remained calm while listening to the description, while his wife and daughters bowed their heads.

The judge continued by reading the testimony of Sr. Comr. Wiliardi Wizar, former South Jakarta Police chief and a co-defendant the murder case. The highlighted point in his testimony was Wiliardi’s statement that he was asked to fabricate the investigation report and say that Antasari ordered the murder.

“The witness (Wiliardi) said he agreed because it was his senior’s order. Former Deputy Chief Detective Insp. Gen. Widiatmoko told the witness if he followed orders, he wouldn’t be charged and everybody would help,” said the judge.

“The witness signed the investigation report without reading it after he was promised that he could go home the next day. The witness felt betrayed,” the judge continued.

The hearing is ongoing.