Counterfeiters Escape, South Jakarta Prosecutors Questioned

By webadmin on 03:11 pm Sep 22, 2012
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Rangga Prakoso

The Jakarta High Prosecutors Office is scrutinizing several officials from the South Jakarta Prosecutors Office following the escape of two foreign nationals who were tried for counterfeiting.

Masyhudi, head of South Jakarta Prosecutors Office, South Jakarta Prosecutors Office’s general crime unit head Agung Ardyanto, and head of intelligence Farid Gunawan have been questioned over the case.

“They were asked to keep tight supervision and coordinate security on detainees, so [they] can’t keep blaming their subordinates,” said Marwan Effendy, deputy attorney general for internal supervision, on Friday.

Marwan said that he hasn’t received a full report from the Jakarta High Prosecutors Office on the incident but vowed to take action against anyone involved in the escape.

Marwan said that the prosecutors will be handed over to the police if they were found guilty of accepting bribes and allowing the two detainees to escape.

“Accepting something is bribery. It can be charged. And there’s a sanction which is dismissal,” he said.

The two escapees, Mzyece Isililo, alias Black Sky, and Mickelson Inzagi Joe alias Eric Joe, are Zambian and Mozambique nationals, respectively.

Last week, the two were sentenced to three years prison after they were found guilty of keeping and circulating fake US dollars.

Black Sky and Eric Joe had more than 13,000 $100 notes worth Rp 12 billion ($1.2 million). Police arrested the defendants in mid-January at the Taman Rasuna Said Apartment in South Jakarta.

Police also found chemical substances used to make the money.