Copies of ‘The Cove’ Sent to Japanese Villagers

By webadmin on 06:21 pm Feb 28, 2011
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Copies of the 2010 Oscar-winning documentary depicting the slaughter of dolphins in the Japanese fishing village of Taiji have been delivered free to its residents, compliments of the director.

Louie Psihoyos, director of “The Cove,” said on Monday that copies of the film, dubbed in Japanese, were delivered via regular mail over the weekend to all households in the village, with the help of a local group called People Concerned for the Ocean.

An official at Taiji City Hall would only confirm that two copies of the DVD had been received, but said no one had looked at them yet.

Psihoyos said he was concerned many Japanese had yet to see the film, but especially the 3,500 people of Taiji in the southwest of the country.

“The people in Taiji deserve to know what millions of others around the world have learned about their town,” the American director said.

“The Cove” received Best Documentary at last year’s Oscars.