Cool Retro Aplenty as Swapmeet Returns

By webadmin on 05:12 pm Sep 08, 2012
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Katrin Figge

Independent online Indonesian magazine Footurama was founded in 2003 by a group of friends to cater to a community interested in anything lifestyle-related and covered topics such as fashion, sneakers, art and design. Originally initiated as a side project, Footurama’s popularity quickly rose, and it soon became a community of its own.

But creative minds never sleep, and the people behind Footurama soon put their focus on another project — the also-popular Whiteboard Journal — and as a consequence, Footurama became somewhat neglected.

“When Whiteboard Journal started in 2009, Footurama was a little bit off track, until they decided to bring in a new team for Footurama in early 2011,” said Caesario Ibrahim, or Rio, editor of Footurama. “ was down for a while but eventually made a comeback in November last year.”

Much to the delight of its loyal readers, the website is up and running again.

After a while, Rio added, the original founders of Footurama, Max Suriaganda and Taufan Irawan, felt the time was right to bring back Footurama Swapmeet, an event that proved very popular when it was held regularly in 2006 and 2007.

During Swapmeet, fashion, art and lifestyle communities throughout Jakarta came together to sell, buy and trade rarities and vintage goods.

“Trading is quite common in the ‘sneaker game,’ because sometimes you might want to trade something from your collection, for different reasons, like you need the same item but in a different size, or maybe you already got bored with your stuff and are looking for something new,” Rio said.

Swapmeet was more than just a regular flea market, however.

“Past Swapmeets were events where friends and communities gathered not only to buy and sell, but also to trade ideas and make connections, and this is a quality this Swapmeet seeks to bring back,” Rio explained.

After a hiatus of five years, the new edition, rightly titled “Swapmeet: The Return,” will be held this Sunday starting from 11 a.m., at W_SPACE in Kemang, South Jakarta.

Rio said many people had already signed up to join Sunday’s event, including the “Indonesia Sneaker Team,” which will showcase its new collections at Swapmeet, as well as local brands Bluesville, Elhaus, Pop Meets Pop, Bootleg Rugged, and many more. Rio said he’s expecting many people to bring sneakers. And then there will be those who are simply there to hunt for hidden treasures.

In addition to the trading, selling and browsing vintage goods, several DJs from Isle of Seeds Radio will be spinning some tunes to keep the crowds entertained, and later in the evening, local bands Asia-Afrika Soundsystem and Kulki are set to perform.

“We are also still preparing a table tennis competition,” Rio said. “It’s all about having fun, actually.”

Swapmeet: The Return
This Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.W_SPACE,
Jalan Kemang Timur Raya No. 998
Kemang, South Jakarta