Constitutional Court Justice Believes Tama Beating Linked to Police Corruption Allegations

By webadmin on 03:03 pm Jul 11, 2010
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Constitutional Court Chairman Mahfud MD says the attack on Indonesian Corruption Watch activist Tama Satya Langkun was the manifestation of resistance to the national antigraft drive.

“The motive of the attack is resentment against the corruption eradication efforts. However, the incident must not make us too afraid to continue the fight against corruption,” he said after visiting Tama, 25, in a Jakarta hospital on Saturday.

Mahfud said he believed the attack was linked to reports about suspicious accounts of several high ranking police officers. Tama was among the ICW activists who provided the Corruption Eradication Commission with details of the suspicious accounts.

“According to me it is because of the allegations. Therefore the police must be able to stop it and be impartial if later it was found that police officers had asked some persons to do it,” he said of the attack that left Tama with injuries to his head, body and legs.

Mahfud, however, said it remained to be proven who had attacked Tama and what their motivations were. “I have observed series of incidents that happened before the ICW made a stance. I believe it was done by those who oppose corruption eradication but who they are and where they come from still have yet to be unveiled,” he said.

 Mahfud believed the police would be able to uncover the case if they were serious.

“The police have good records of unveiling difficult cases such as mutilation, baby theft and others,” he said adding that police must solve the case “so that the people would not become restless.”

 Four people attacked Tama in Duren Tiga, South Jakarta, early on Thursday morning.