Cibodas Botanic Garden’s Project Coming Up Roses

By webadmin on 07:18 pm May 25, 2009
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Anita Rachman

Management at Cibodas Botanical Garden in Bogor plan to create a new rose garden to attract more visitors and help expand its collection of roses.

Didik Widyatmoko, the head of the garden (KRC), said the 4,250-square-meter rose garden would be supported by a private natural resources management company as part of its corporate social responsibility program.

The KRC estimated that the garden would cost Rp 2.8 billion ($270,000).

“We will start building the garden next year,” Didik said. “Our plan is that the garden will contain our rose collection, and add more varieties from other parts of the world.”

About 500,000 to 700,000 people visit the garden every year. Didik said their two existing floral gardens were magnets for visitors, and hoped that the rose garden would draw similar interest from the public.

Aside from establishing a new rose collection, Didik said that a group of researchers would also work to breed more attractive roses.

“We are working to grow roses with prettier colors and bigger flowers,” he said. “Currently, we have one expert and two assistants on roses.”

The KRC has already cultivated six different rose varieties, most of them crossbred from several varieties, including some from overseas.

Didik said that while the KRC specialized in cultivating highland species, they planned to grow new collections at the garden as well. He even brought up the possibility of the KRC working with rose enthusiasts from the public to help develop the garden.

The rose garden is scheduled to be finished in two years. Although it already has private financial support, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), which runs the KRC, will help fund the project.

The KRC’s annual operational budget — including employee salaries — is about Rp 11 billion.