China Punishes 12 Police Officers Over 11 Murders

By webadmin on 04:35 pm Jun 09, 2012
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Beijing. Chinese state media say 12 police officers — including two police chiefs — have been either fired or disciplined for inadequately investigating a series of murders in southwest China.

Last month, authorities arrested Zhang Yongming on suspicions that he killed 11 people since 2008 in Yunnan province. The 56-year-old also is accused of dismembering, burning and burying their bodies to destroy evidence.

China’s official Xinhua News Agency reported on Saturday that the officers were punished for failing to meet their responsibilities.

Local media reported last month that at least eight young people had gone missing from Jinning county and that relatives of the missing said police had ignored their pleas for help and prevented them from contacting the media.

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