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By webadmin on 04:33 am Jul 11, 2012
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Coach Cynthia

I went to a restaurant last weekend and had a wonderful meal. At the end of it, the waiter offered me dessert and asked, “Would you like to have dessert?” As usual, I said no.

Being a business coach, I naturally analyze businesses when I visit them. I wonder if there is a smarter way to sell that dessert and increase the average bill per customer? I happen to teach a lot of sales people the psychology of selling. And I just couldn’t help to feel that the waiter could have sold me that dessert in a better way.

In contrast, I remember this Chinese restaurant in the CBD area a few years ago. The food was great and the service was spectacular. Now time for dessert. Instead of just passing out the menu and asking if anyone would like to have dessert, they brought out a sample tray of their best desserts – and probably the most profitable ones – and asked for a minute to explain the dessert selection. There we were, awestruck by the brilliant explanations and colorful display of yummy things. And then the waiter closed the deal by saying, “Which one would you like?” Asked in that manner, most of us chose from the selection. And he brilliantly increased the average sale per table.

Let’s take this back beyond just the restaurant industry. You have a great product and your service is great. So, let’s get more purchase per transaction. 

Here are some questions to guide you:

    •    Do your customers know the array of products that you sell? Most customers who are used to just buying the 1-2 regular things from you may not even realize that you carry more than that. Do they have your complete catalogue?

    •    Do your catalogues sell or are they just a list of product names and prices? Make your “menus” attractive. Remember, people love pictures. Put your most profitable items on as a picture, not just in words. 

    •    Do your people – not just sales, but everyone who is in contact with a customer – have the culture of cross-selling and up-selling, or are they just order-takers that process the PO when the customers order? 

    •    Do your people close with a choice instead of a general question? Did they say, for example, “Do you want dessert?” or “Would you like pudding or chocolate cake?” The best sales people close with a choice question.

Getting new customers is not the only way to increase your revenues and bottom line. It is 6 times cheaper to sell to existing buyers than it is to attract new customers into your business. This week, think about increasing your revenues by increasing your average sale per transaction.

Coach Cynthia is a Firm Owner of ActionCOACH South Jakarta. Their team of coaches helps business owners get massive results in their business with a guaranteed system.

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