Central Java Villages High and Dry as Water Crisis Looms

By webadmin on 05:22 pm Jun 27, 2012
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A seaside Central Java town is facing a clean water shortage after salt water from the Indian Ocean fouled the local water supply.

Seventy-nine villages in Cilacap are prone to clean water shortages. Eight of those villages are currently without clean water, the head of the Cilacap office of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), Wasi Ariyadi, said on Wednesday.

The villages — Cimrutu, Purwodadi, Rawa Apu, Sidamukti, Bulupayung, Patimuan, Cinyawang and Ujung Gagak — are all located in the Patimuan subdistrict.

Six have been sent twelve tanks containing fresh water, Wasi said.

“We’re sending clean water tanks from the Central Java administration, which have the capacity of 5,000 liters [each], and from the Cilacap PDAM [state water company], which have the capacity of 4,000 liters [each],” Wasi said.

The local branch of the BNPB is currently working with local administrations to get a clearer picture of the region’s needs, he added.

“We’ve coordinated with the Patimuan subdistrict head and the local social and economic official to map which villages are most in need of clean water aid,” Wasi said.