Central Bank Launches Indonesia’s First Drive-Thru for Making Change in Bandung

By webadmin on 05:51 pm Jul 23, 2012
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Bandung. The Bandung branch of Indonesia’s central bank launched the country’s first drive-through service on Monday aimed specifically at customers who want to exchange their large bills for small change for the Idul Fitri holiday.

The drive-through service is now available at the office of the Bandung branch of Bank Indonesia on Jalan Braga, as well as three mobile units, offering money changing in strategic spots in the West Java capital, including traditional markets, shopping malls and industrial zones.

“Starting this Monday, we will operate mobile BI cash services in the yard of BI Bandung. Residents who want to change their money for smaller bills won’t need to leave or park their vehicles,” BI Bandung chief Lucky Fathul Azis said in Bandung on Monday.

He said the service was the first of its kind in Indonesia, and that it was not solely designed for Idul Fitri, when adult Muslims often hand out smaller bills to younger relatives — Lucky said the service would still be available after the holiday.

Lucky also said the mobile service will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, and will offer small bills from Rp 1,000 (11 cents) to Rp 20,000.

“We have a stock of Rp 1.02 trillion in small banknotes and Rp 21 billion in coins,” he added.