Celeb Chef Tours New Zealand to Promote Indonesian Cuisines

By webadmin on 11:50 am Nov 21, 2012
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Ian Dulkowski

Indonesian celebrity chef Farah Quinn is currently in New Zealand to film cooking shows, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Farah’s cooking show, fronted by actress Jessica Iskandar, is a part of marketing plan to expand New Zealand tourism, fueled by Garuda Indonesia airline’s confidence to resume services to the Hobbit country next year.

Last month, the Jakarta Globe reported that New Zealand is planning to apply a new entry arrangement that will facilitate Indonesian chefs to enter the country. It seems that New Zealand begins to recognize the growing importance of Indonesia as a trading nation and its influence in the diplomatic affairs of the Asia-Pacific region.

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Farah and Jessica have more than 2.5 million social media followers combined. These followers, the fast growing middle class in indonesia, are the primary target market.

Farah’s cooking show will feature the pair’s visit to Auckland and Queenstown.

On Nov. 19, Farah tweeted: “Today I have an interview on a NZ TV, I introduce my favorite snacks from Indonesia, one of them is sagon. You know sagon?”

On the same day, Farah also tweeted that she is promoting nasi goreng (fried rice), coconut rice, and her favorite desserts, talam and getuk.

Although New Zealand is optimistic to welcome “an influx of visitors,” the country at the moment receives a small number of tourists and migrants from Indonesia.

New Zealand hosted 12,784 short-term visitors from Indonesia in the year ending in August 2012, up by 8.7 percent from the previous year, according to data from the New Zealand government, but substantially lower when compared to 180,768 visitors from China and 38,416 from Singapore during the same period.