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By webadmin on 03:59 pm Nov 01, 2011
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Even though she was trained in law and business administration, and previously worked in the finance field, perhaps Nathalie Veysset was destined eventually to find her calling in the watch industry.

“It’s very much a family business, and I’ve always been interested in watchmaking myself,”says the statuesque 37-year-old, who took over as chief executive officer of haute watchmaker Montres DeWitt SA from founder Jérôme de Witt in 2008, and whose grandparents, father and sister were, or continue to be, involved in the trade.

Veysset first discovered DeWitt, the company, in 2005 while still in her previous job, advising high-net-worth clients at Credit Suisse. She was later introduced to a new client who turned out to be de Witt, the man behind the timepieces that she had declared “amazing” a just a few weeks prior.

For more than two years, Veysset worked for de Witt, before deciding to leave the bank – that was when he offered her an invitation to work alongside him.

“It was an easy turn,”she says of switching industries.”By the end of my tenure at the bank, I was becoming very frustrated with not having a tangible product and a set mission to work towards.”