Breaking News: Alleged Sex Tape Scandal Threatens Indonesia’s Opposition Party

By webadmin on 10:40 am Apr 24, 2012
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Ezra Sihite

A sex tape allegedly involving two politicians from Indonesia’s opposition Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle have been leaked online, reports said on Tuesday.

It is alleged that the two politicians, including a senior male politician and a younger woman colleague, are married — but not to each other.

The Web site that initially hosted the video, has been blocked, presumably by the government. The woman featured on the graphic video is reportedly strongly politically connected.

The alleged male partner, who the Jakarta Globe will only identify as A.B., has reportedly denied the allegations, telling a local news portal that the claims “are not true.”

Other politicians from the opposition party, known as the PDI-P, have refused to comment on the potentially explosive allegations.

“It is only rumor, and it can not be proven who [they are],” PDI-P secretary general Tjahjo Kumolo was quoted by as saying on Tuesday.

He said such rumors did not deserve a response.

House of Representatives (DPR) Honorary Council chairman M. Prakosa, also from the PDI-P, said he was aware of the allegations but could not summon the alleged participants in the sex video because he had no evidence.

Acknowledging that the allegations constituted a “serious violation” of the law, Prakosa said the council would monitor developments as “the truth is still unknown.”

“For sure, if it is clear or similar in appearance to them we have to be careful because this relates to someone’s dignity.

“If we have received [the video] we will summon the expert to see whether it is true or not.”

Sex scandals involving Indonesian politicians are not new, though none have ever been jailed, unlike Nazril “Ariel” Irham, the lead singer of the band Peterpan who was jailed for three years and six months for distributing pornography following a controversial sex video scandal.

Though Ariel was jailed for his exploits with two Indonesian starlets, there were persistent rumors the rock star had bedded — and filmed — a number of women, including the married relative of a well-connected businessman, which led to his jail term.