Brandonesia: Rebuilding Closets and Lives After the Flood

By webadmin on 09:44 pm Jan 28, 2013
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Christi Hang

As Jakarta continues to recover from last week’s devastating floods and braces for forecasted future storms, everyone is taking stock of their lives and material possessions.

My house was flooded last Thursday and we decided to pack our most valuable things and leave when the water reached our upper thighs. Upon returning we found so many ruined photos, books and clothes. Side note: Fishing books out of flood waters is more depressing that you think it will be.

But we were hardly a special case.

Many generous people have taken the time to go through their closets to donate items to flood victims. As a flood survivor, I would ask that when donating, please make sure to pick items that will be useful to those less fortunate instead of using the occasion to clean out your closet. Blankets, light sweaters and pants are going to be much more useful than old Halloween costumes and jean cut-offs, for example.

Another thing to consider is that people will need work-appropriate clothes. Rebuilding a closet can be expensive. When deciding what to donate, think about gently-worn items that wouldn’t look out of place in a professional setting or are sturdy enough to allow someone to work in them.

For those who are fortunate enough to be able to buy new clothes, why not think about restocking with local labels? Now there is such a wide range of brands that no matter what your style is, you are sure to find something you like. Also, price-wise, many new brands are the same, cheaper or better-made than the international brands found in the malls.

Starting off slow, I have a couple of suggestions to replenish basics. All three of these brands can be found at the usual suspects: The Goods Dept., Manekineko and Widely Project in Bandung.


This Bandung-based brand specializes in incredibly soft shirts that come in a range of solid colors that are sure to get lots of daily use.

It also has solid-color pants, shorts and dresses for men and women that are comfortable and simply designed, which means they are great alone or work well for layering so you can create a number of different looks with a minimum number of pieces.

Tosavica a great base to a closet.


One of the oldest of the new guard, Satcas has grown to offer a variety of everyday clothes for women and men.

Satcas can outfit you through the work week and well into the weekend with its interesting but not trendy clothing, meaning you’ll be able to depend on these clothes for some time.

Another good point about Satcas is its price point. One of the brand’s tenets is making clothing affordable.


Denim and jeans are one of the popular items found in people’s closets around the world. This durable favorite is dependable, versatile and is very tied to the wearer’s personality, but good denim can be very expensive.

Instead of forking over your money to a faceless international brand, why not pick some locally-made, high-quality denim that clock in at or under the price of those designer jeans?