BNN Releases Seven People Busted in South Jakarta Drug Raid

By webadmin on 03:59 pm Jan 29, 2013
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SP/Fana FS Putra

Anti-narcotics officials have released seven people who were arrested in a drug bust in South Jakarta on Sunday, after they were cleared of any drug use by the National Narcotics Agency.

“There are seven people are being returned to their families, because they’re not proven [to be guilty] in this narcotics case,” said Sr. Comr. Sumirat Dwiyanto, spokesman for the agency known as BNN, as quoted by

The BNN arrested 17 people at the Lebak Bulus home of Raffi Ahmad, 25, a television personality, where they found two marijuana joints and 14 capsules. The agency are still holding the other 10 people for further investigation, including former actress turned councilor for the National Mandate Party (PAN) Wanda Hamidah, 34.

Irwansyah, 27, an actor, and his wife, Zaskia Sungkar, 22, were two of the seven people released. The others were identified as Furqi, Roni, Nafi, Mira and Muhammad.

While only five people tested positive for drugs in initial urine tests, a BNN spokesman said they discovered two more people, who originally tested negative for drugs, with cathinone in their system — a drug related to the stimulant khat, which is found in Arab and East African countries.

Sumirat Dwiyanto, a BNN spokesman, said on Monday the two people, identified by their initials of R and R.J., tested positive for cathinone, which is relatively new in Indonesia.

Sumirat added that cathinone use had not been regulated in the 2009 Law on Narcotics, which hampered the agency from charging the suspects.